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Introducing the Sing To Heal method!

Where transformational Sound Healing meets powerful intuition...

Whether you work with me in one of my online programs, attend a Sound Bath or private Retreat or join me in The Cocoon Mastermind, what you will experience when we work together is the powerful combination of Sound Reiki Healing with channeled intuitive guidance.

Sound Reiki works with the same principals as traditional Reiki with the only difference being that I use my voice to channel the healing. I also channel when I speak and write so naturally, one of my specialities is clearing and aligning the Throat Chakra. If you have been feeling called to work more with your voice, I would love to help you with that.

Please take a look at the options below and feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. You can also schedule a free taster session with me before deciding if you wish.

ACTIVATE 8 Week Experience

For the spiritual soul who is ready to get unstuck and align fully to their highest calling and potential!

This powerful program consists of 8 modules, each focusing on healing and aligning the seven chakras and culminating in a full body healing and integration in week 8. This course can be taken as an online self-study group program, or you can upgrade to the VIP experience, which includes private healing sessions alongside the main course content.

The Cocoon Mastermind

Spend six weeks in The Cocoon with Lilli and up to four others as you create, hone and ultimately launch your true soul offering to the world!

Six weeks to gain absolute clarity around who you truly are and what you are here to do. To connect and collaborate with your fellow Masterminders and to work together to channel what each individual needs to move forward. To share your gifts and receive the gifts of your fellow Cocoon members. This is collaboration at it's best and where you share what you know you are meant to, yet haven't felt ready.

The Sing To Heal Retreat

Spend a VIP day with us or choose from one of our residential retreats and immerse yourself fully in the Sing To Heal experience!

There is no better or more powerful way to experience Sing To Heal than through one of our retreat experiences. From VIP days to full residential retreats both in the UK and abroad, you are guaranteed to come away feeling transformed!

Coming Soon...

The Activate Healer's Portal

The membership for Shamans, Energy Healers and Lightworkers who are united in their quest to create a better world for all!

Currently, only participants of the ACTIVATE program are able to access this membership. However, we will be launching the standalone membership towards the end of 2023. Watch this space!

I feel lighter and like I'm smiling from the inside!

Getanya McClean - Energetic LIfe Coach


If you are ready to create some EPIC transformation in your life and in the lives of others, I'm ready for you!

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