Sound Baths, Day Retreats and Other Live Events

Monthly Sound Reiki & Gong Bath

Join me and Claire Donovan at The Merkabah Retreat in Dorset for this powerful and unique healing experience!

Lie down on your mat under fluffy blankets with the warmth of the infrared heated floor beneath you as you drift off into blissful meditation. Enjoy an immersive Sound Reiki experience followed by the deep healing of the gongs, as you receive hands on Reiki from our highly skilled healers. This is totally unique and NOT to be missed! Places are limited so early booking is advised.

Book A VIP Day

Treat yourself to a day of powerful healing that is just for you!

Lilli will work with you to create a bespoke package for the day, which will include sourcing the perfect venue and arranging your meals and refreshments. Lilli will often call on her professional contacts to collaborate with her to ensure you receive exactly what you need. This is the ultimate VIP treatment!

The Sing To Heal Retreat

Spend a VIP day with us or choose from one of our residential retreats and immerse yourself fully in the Sing To Heal experience!

There is no better or more powerful way to experience Sing To Heal than through one of our retreat experiences. From VIP days to full residential retreats both in the UK and abroad, you are guaranteed to come away feeling transformed!

Without Lilli I’d be lost and possibly not even here because she brought back the light in me that enabled me to keep fighting!

Cat Ray - Host Of Rising From The Illness Podcast


If you are ready to create some EPIC transformation in your life and in the lives of others, I'm ready for you!

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