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Transformation and healing through the power of the voice.

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What is Sing To Heal and how can it help you?

Sing To Heal fuses traditional Reiki and Sound Healing principals with all the fun and freedom of singing!

Following an Anxiety diagnosis back in 2013, professional Singer Lilli was determined to find an alternative to the traditional therapy and medication that was being offered. Her journey lead her to discover energy and sound healing and resulted in her having her own spiritual awakening. But throughout it all, there was singing!

Lilli realised that singing had always been a source of comfort for her and she noticed that even in the depths of her anxiety, singing was what helped her to feel better. Then, after suffering the loss of a close friend in 2020, Lilli realised the power of music and singing on a much deeper level. Not only could she express how she was feeling through song, she began noticing messages in the songs that would get stuck in her head and she realised how powerfully music could transport her back to her happiest memories.

Now, as a qualified Sound Reiki Master, Lilli uses singing as the main tool to help others navigate their own mental health challenges, as well as guiding them through their own spiritual awakening.

My heart started to pump harder like I was being reawakened! You definitely helped give me clarity and clear the muddy waters around my self-belief and self-worth!

- Dee Jodel

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